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All DelVecchio Italian cured meats
are gluten and lactose free.

The reasons for this choice.

By Gabriele DelVecchio

The first time I heard people talking about coeliac disease was in the early ‘80s and I must have been about ten.

Mum wasn’t well, she was losing weight before our very eyes, and was always complaining of stomach ache.

The day we discovered she was suffering from coeliac disease we were all scared,
and we soon learnt she had to follow a strict diet.

Since we didn’t want her to have to do without the flavours she had always enjoyed,
we began producing cured meats without gluten and lactose.

That was the beginning of our collaboration with the Associazione Italiana Celiachia
and Dr. Umberto Volta, who I will always be grateful to.

Even if my mother Lidia is no longer with us, we still produce fine products which
can also be enjoyed by coeliac sufferers.

Our 100% Italian gluten and lactose free cured meats are still listed in the AIC Directory and as we go about our daily work,
we like to think that there is a little bit of our Mum Lidia in every coeliac sufferer.

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Enter today’s world
of age-old flavours.
With DelVecchio, it’s better
all round.

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